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Manager - R&D



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Posted on Monday, February 12, 2024

Job Responsibilities

Our cloud-based platforms - Axtria DataMax™, Axtria InsightsIQ™, Axtria SalesIQ™, and Axtria MarketingIQ™ - enable customers to efficiently manage data, leverage data science to deliver insights for sales and marketing planning, and manage end-to-end commercial operations.

  1. DataMAx™ is a next-generation cloud-based commercial Life Sciences data management software that delivers actionable business insights from trustworthy data for intelligent decision making.

  2. SalesIQ™ is the leading sales planning and operations solution for the global life sciences industry that enables effective and motivated sales teams resulting in higher commercial success. With the sales rep role continually evolving to meet the demands of a complex commercial model, Axtria SalesIQTM empowers them to make intelligent decisions and reach the right customers.

  3. CustomerIQ™ is the most advanced NBA-driven customer engagement solution that formulates effective omnichannel interactions across life sciences customers to optimize commercial activity. Axtria CustomerIQ brings together the power of AI/ML-based analytics with business-driven intelligence to significantly improve the interaction between the life sciences companies and their customers. Axtria CustomerIQ automates and optimizes the efficiency of both sales and marketing channels, to drive higher revenue.

  4. InsightsMAx™ is a cloud-based, unified analytics product built for the life sciences industry, with a rich reusable library of data preparation capabilities and analytics models across sales, marketing, payer, patient, and trade domains. The product allows for the collaborative development of analytics and facilitates interactive decision making across diverse personas within the business.


Bachelor Equivalent - Other
PG Diploma in Management

Work Experience

  1. Application Architect - 10+ years of experience in Application software architecture and design, with a focus on distributed systems. Strong hands-on experience with Python/PySpark services and cloud architecture such as AWS or Azure.

  2. Cloud Architect - 10-15 Years of experience working in IT and at least 5+ years as a Big data and Cloud Architect. 2+ years of experience in agile methodology-based product development. Hands-on experience in building data applications on AWS demonstrating services.

  3. UI Architect - 10-15 years of experience working as a UI Architect preferably in Product Development Environment. Strong proficiency with JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML. Familiarity with Component-based architecture such as React.

  4. Backend Architect - 6-10 years of good hands-on experience in building Rest APIs using Python frameworks like Django or Flask. 5+ years of relevant experience in Backend development. Python Programming, djaong, Flask, Rest API.

  5. Backend Developer - 5+ years of professional experience in a Software Engineering/Data Science role. Proficiency into Python, Pandas, NumPy, Sklearn, Django, Django REST, and SQL. Familiarity with PySpark, big data processing and machine learning concepts and their application.

  6. Frontend ReactJS - 5-8 years of experience in the development of User interfaces for Modern Rich Internet Applications. 5+ years of experience in agile methodology-based product development, and product release. Strong proficiency in modern front-end frameworks like ReactJS, Angular, or Vue. React JS is preferred.

  7. Data Architect - 8-12 years of experience in software architecture and design, with a focus on distributed systems. Strong hands-on experience with Python/PySpark services and cloud architecture such as AWS or Azure. Define Data Architecture and create a Data model for relational and columnar databases.

  8. Product Engineering - 12+ years of experience in the technology sector with strong management and technical competencies to set objectives and develop strategies for the evolution of global product platforms. 10+ years of hands-on experience working in software architecture, design, development, and delivery of technology-based products and the product roadmap.

Behavioural Competencies

Teamwork & Leadership
Talent Management
Cultural Fit
Motivation to Learn and Grow

Technical Competencies

Lifescience Knowledge
Power BI
Data Modelling
Azure KnowHow
Automation Testing
Performance Testing
Axtria Product Overview
Data Engineering
Frontend Development - Angular 7+
Frontend Development - React
Product Management

This job is no longer accepting applications

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