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Lead Registered Nurse

Caregiver, Inc.

Caregiver, Inc.

Amarillo, TX, USA
Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Caregiver is a leading Texas-based provider of services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) that supports clients with the design, delivery, and management or personalized treatment plans in order to help them lead their best lives. We are looking for a Lead RN to join our team!

FIND YOUR PASSION. BE UNIQUE. SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. Everyone at Caregiver, Inc. Company is committed to a common goal – creating a world-class experience for our individuals. We are passionate about what we do while making a difference. We work with integrity, accountability, transparency, and compassion in everything we do because we understand those, we serve have a choice in providers. Our company provides care to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead their unique lives independently.

Position Summary

Provides clinical supervision to all Caregiver RNs, LVNs, Contract Nurses, and other Nursing staff within their assigned area(s) or territories. Provides ongoing training and support to the nurses assigned to their area(s), to ensure routine, and emergency nursing care is being provided to maintain the optimal health status of the individuals and continuity of nursing care. Works in coordination with Regional RN Director when implementing companywide nursing systems, policies and procedures, and is accountable for ensuring these systems are being followed accurately by nursing staff.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitors consumers’ health conditions through medical chart reviews and audits.
    • Identifying delays in service.
    • Ensuring state guidelines are being followed through the delivery of nursing services.
    • Ensuring compliance with Caregiver Policy and Procedure.
    • Ensuring adequate and appropriate follow up to potential citations.

  • Monitors the health data information of the individuals served, in coordination with the Area Directors & Regional Directors by ensuring nursing staff is completing following:
    • Immediately reports to supervisor any significant changes in an individual’s health status including, but not limited to, acute illness, adverse reactions to medication, sudden and/or unexplained changes in vital signs, increase seizure activity, etc.
    • Immediately reports to supervisor any problems related to individual safety, staff problems, and/or facility problems.
    • Delegation as required and in compliance with Board of Nurse Examiners criteria.
    • Comprehensive Nursing Assessments or RNAs and Annual Review of RNAs on each individual as required and in compliance with Caregiver Policy, Tx BON & DADS criteria.
    • Provides on call nursing services for individuals served, thus providing telephone triage as assigned by Supervisor.
    • Ensures that all medical consultations and laboratory reports are documented in the consumer’s records in a timely manner
    • Attends and participates in Annual Recertification surveys, and intermittent surveys, investigations as indicated, and follow up to those as indicated. Provide intervention to potential medical concerns during those and provides strategies for achieving success.

Miscellaneous/other duties
Attends meetings with corporate directors as assigned.
  • Participation in development and implementation of nursing system restructures as assigned.
  • Attends industry driven conferences as assigned.
  • Serves as member of agency wide committees as assigned.
  • Completes specific assignments and submits written reports within designated time frames.
Supervisory Responsibilities
  • Provides ongoing and clinical supervision, and support to nursing staff as the need arises through face to face meetings, email, text messages, or phone calls. Assist Nursing staff when indicated in obtaining appropriate medical services for the individuals.
  • Reviews daily on call nursing reports, and follows up to critical issues, providing justifications to Regional Directors & Area Directors. Monitor and evaluate the individuals that receive emergency medical services.
  • Maintain accurate documentation of those chart reviews and audits, and works in coordination with the Area RNs, Lead RNs (if applicable) and Area Director to ensure appropriate follow up has occurred.
  • Responsible for communication with administration staff for all open nursing positions within assigned region.
  • Responsible for hiring and training the Area RNs, & Lead RNs (if applicable), and LVN if need be, within assigned region.
  • Provide initial OJT training and EHR training to all nursing personnel within assigned region.
  • Responsible for coordinating nursing assignments and caseloads to nurses within region while staying within company budget restraints.
  • Responsible for retraining of nursing staff in need, and corrective actions in coordination with the Area Directors and Regional Directors.
  • Monitors nurse billing rates for the nurses within their assigned regions, train and mentor nurses to achieve the minimal billing standards while ensuring quality nursing care is being provided and accurately documented to stay in compliance with state guidelines.
    • Review NSLs of all nursing staff within region.
    • Identify non-billable tasks and needed corrections.
    • Identify billing rate reporting errors and report those to Regional Director, and admin staff as indicated.
    • Organize strategies to maintain and increase nurse billing rates.
    • Train on HCS billing system, and Caregiver Nurse billing expectations as indicated.

Qualifications and Education
  • Extensive knowledge of accepted standards of nursing practice and ability to apply knowledge in daily work activities and provide instruction and direction.
  • Outstanding communication necessary with community health care professionals and those working within industry and both inside and outside of the company.
  • Ability to formulate training objectives and meeting agendas, and to present this information in a formal or non-formal setting for other professionals.
  • High level assessment skills of individual’s health status and to provide appropriate interventions and direction to other staff.
  • Always displays leadership qualities and attitude consistent with Caregiver policies at a Director level.
  • Sets a professional standard and example to other co-workers and those supervised by you.
  • Attends work punctually and regularly.
  • Always adheres to Caregiver policies and procedures
  • Proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Access system
  • Completes all duties in compliance with accepted standards of nursing practice
  • Graduate of an accredited nursing program.
  • Possession of valid RN license from the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners or in accordance with the Board of Nurse Examiners rules for Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC).
  • A minimum of 3 years of nursing experience.
  • 1 year of DD nursing experience.
Why join Caregiver?
Fulfilling work
Our mission is to enable people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead their unique lives with dignity, independence, and inclusion. We are committed to creating a world-class experience for the individuals we serve.
Family Culture
Inspired by the company’s founders more than 30 years ago, we work hard to keep that “family feel” across each of our locations. We want to be your home away from home.
Professional Growth Opportunities
95% of our organizational leaders started as direct care professionals. By taking a proactive approach in our employee’s growth and professional development, we mitigate employee turnover, increase employee satisfaction, and drive productivity.
  • FREE virtual doctor visits and prescription DISCOUNT card for ALL employees AND family, save hundreds per visit!
  • NO CREDIT CHECK bank accounts to all employees with cash advance opportunities.
  • $10,000 in tuition reimbursement annually for full-time eligible employees.
  • $10,000 in life insurance for all employees at no cost.
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Voluntary Life Insurance
  • 401K

For more information on our organization, please visit our website https://cg-idd.com/careers