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Herbalife Nutrition Ltd.
Herbalife Nutrition Ltd.


Los Angeles, CA, USA


5001+ employees

founded in


Herbalife Nutrition began 36 years ago and inspired to be a beacon of wellness within the community. With the simple goal of changing nutrition from something inaccessible to a completely achievable way of living. Holistic approaches to nutrition that focus on the happiness and healthiness of our customers are our goals, and we believe it is where much of mainstream nutrition has gone astray. The decades of experience have made it possible for Herbalife and its independent distributors to reach out to 88 different countries who need access to better nutrition. A world leader in the wellness industry, Herbalife Nutrition has a yearly turnover of $ 8.2 billion and is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Our success is completely owed to the quality of our product and the passion of our independent distributors and customers. Each supplement is packed with the most effective mix of nutrition that is targeted to eradicate some of the problems that today’s societies face. Between a growth in morbid obesity, lack of women’s-based nutritional supplements, and general miseducation on how nutrition works, many communities worldwide struggle with basic health. In addition to catering supplements to support specific health goals and lifestyles, our nutrition is sold by independent distributors who help customers on their path to wellness through supportive lifestyle change. Our 8,000 employees worldwide also support our goal of creating a healthy world. Herbalife Nutrition’s reputation is also supported by world-class athletes who know very well how hard it can be to maintain a particular healthy lifestyle. The sponsorship of athletes and teams like Cristiano Ronaldo, The LA Galaxy, and multiple Olympic teams show our customers that they are only getting the best nutrition and that becoming as healthy as a world-class athlete starts with proper nutrition. But for the team at Herbalife Nutrition, giving back to the community does not stop with selling a product aimed at transforming a lifestyle. Herbalife Nutrition is also committed to giving back to the community out of corporate responsibility. That is why we founded the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and our Casa Herbalife programs. These are focused on bringing nutrition to needed families and children worldwide in an effort to transform their lives. As global leaders in nutrition, we know that good nutrition can mean the difference in a successful life, and we want to pass our success on to every person that we meet. Further accomplishments include: a) 36 Years of Experience in the field of wellness, b) Officially operating in 88 Countries in the field of health and lifestyle c) Turnover of $6.4 Billion (approx.) in year 2013 going to be $8.2 billion d) Publicly Traded Company in New York Stock Exchange...with growing financial status. e) World Leader in the Wellness Industry, we deal in international distribution of goods and services f) listed on the prestigious New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

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